Sally Williams Nougat - Macadamia Bar 50gr

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1 kg = 45.80 €

1 kg = 45.80 €

Sally Williams Fine Nougat originates from South Africa.

Drawn on recipes from Morocco to Tunisia and France to Italy this sumptuous Nougat is made entirely by hand in small batches.

Containing no preservatives, gelatine, cholesterol or added fats, Sally's secret formula is quite simple the finest nougat in the world. The nougat contains only the finest and freshest natural ingredients.

Sally and her team of experts have the very highest standards of quality control – nothing is allowed out the door until they are 100% satisfied.

Sally’s secret formula has resulted in what is quite simply the finest softest, chewiest, most delectable nougat in the world!

Allergens: Tree nuts and egg. May contain: Sulphur dioxide and peanuts.
Ingredients: Glucose Syrup (Corn derived), Sugar, Macadamia Nuts, Egg White, Honey, Wafer Paper [Potato Starch and Vegetable Oil (Olive Fruit)], Flavouring, Corn Starch.

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