Robertsons Seasoning Barbecue - BBQ

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1 kg = 66.50 €

Robertsons Barbecue BBQ Spice (60gr) is a flavoured, tangy blend of ground spices and herbs that will add delicious zest to salads, vegetables, egg and savoury rice dishes as well as poultry and meat dishes.

No artificial colourants/ Non-irradiated / No preservatives/ No MSG / GMO free

Ingredients: Salt, wheat bran (gluten), paprika, coriander, black pepper, flavouring, celery, pimento, sugar, chillies, cloves, nutmeg, garlic†, flavour enhancers, origanum, sage, thyme†. †Sustainably grown.

Allergen: Contains wheat gluten May contain cow's milk, egg & soya.


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